Is Your Labeling Method Causing You to Miss Out on Potential Sales?

custom printed labelsAllocating funds to produce custom printed labels is an excellent technique to help boost brand recognition and display your company in an innovative, professional manner. However, creating custom printed labels involves more than just designing an attractive picture and text. Designing for your target audience is crucial, so you must know who is buying your products and how often. A recent study revealed that major brands are not taking into consideration the majority of the population and in turn, missing out on huge profits. So who is this critical audience that is so effortlessly overlooked? Believe it or not, it’s the elderly.

Individuals over 50 years old hold 80% of all the financial assets in the United States and account for half of all discretionary spending. Most seniors feel they are largely ignored by advertisements and custom printed labels and they have difficulty reading or opening various packaging. What companies tend to forget is that the elderly population focuses on quality, not price, and is extremely loyal to the brands it chooses. So what are the solutions to win back this loyalty? First, companies need to ensure that their custom printed labels are easy to read and understand. This can be accomplished through bolder, larger text and graphics that tell the product story. Additionally, larger instructions should be placed on side panels or foldouts affixed to bottles and jars for easier reading. Besides legibility, seniors also face problems with package interface. Companies should conduct tests to pinpoint problems with opening, using, and storing the product, so changes can be made to closures and design systems.

Who should modify their custom printed labels to cater to the elderly audience? Heritage brands with a heavy senior consumer market are obvious choices for these changes; but the truth is, all brands should review their labeling and packaging. Mature adults purchase many products for their children and grandchildren, so they need to feel like they are at least being considered. We’ve seen examples of these modifications in today’s market. Amazon works with leading manufacturers to offer “Frustration Free Packaging” geared toward older and handicapped individuals. Also, Nabisco has created new packaging for their Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies with their easy-open and reclosable seals.

At the end of the day, companies using custom printed labels need to maintain brand identity and engage a target audience. Their purpose should be to deliver a brand promise that is honest and aspirational and makes an emotional connection. While keeping up with current trends is a great short-term strategy, trends will require that you redesign often, spending more time and money. So develop a style that is legible, simple, and effective, and stick with it!

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Custom Tape for All Your Needs

custom printed tape

Custom gummed tape

As we all know, adding custom printed tape to your inventory is an excellent investment. It is an economic and convenient way to neatly seal a box and instantly identify your company and products. Not only does custom printed tape advertise your company and enhance your product; it is also pilfer-proof and serves as the first line of defense against tampering. Due to the text/logo that is printed on the tape it cannot be broken or released without detection.

Types of custom printed tape

Carton sealing tape: for use with sealing packages, PVC or polypropylene tape is used. These tapes are made with natural rubber-based adhesives that grip instantly to the desired surface even in cold or humid conditions.

Kraft tape: individuals also use custom printed reinforced gummed tape. This tape can either be economy or industrial grade and is extra sturdy and durable.

Barricade tape: for use with blocking sections or warning individuals to stay out of an area, this weather resistant poly tape is preferred. Barricade tape is extremely easy to tie, cut, and apply.

custom printed tape

Custom barricade tape

Do you remember how to submit your order?

1) Submit your request for custom printed tape in high quality format. This includes the colors, text, and design you would like to implement.

2) The request is transferred into a format compatible with our machine.

3) We then send you a worksheet along with a draft of the final product for you to approve or make changes. Included in these details are the dimensions, the color of tape (available in white, tan, or clear), and the ink tone. TOTALPACK can match any color you desire within the pantone color spectrum and we can mix colors we do not carry.

4) After your approval, we make a plate (or negative) and a 3D stamp to apply the ink to the tape with the correct design.

5) The stamp is wrapped around a spool on the machine and rotates to apply the ink onto the tape.

6) The tape is then dried by a blower inside the machine so it can be rolled right away and prepared for shipping.

If you are thinking of new ways to advertise your business, custom printed tape is an effortless option that is viewed by many potential and existing customers. And remember, it can also be used as a security measure to ensure no one tries to steal valuable products or add contraband to your packages.

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Shipping labels are more than just stickers you apply to packages and envelopes to ensure your shipments will arrive at the correct destination. Larger shipping labels called placards are notices installed public places to indicate information about an operator or contents of a vehicle or building. In order to ship certain items or to operate particular vehicles, companies are required to place the placards in easily visible areas. The most common labels on vehicles are handicapped privilege tags for personal automobiles and hazardous materials warning signs for commercial vehicles. “Wide-load” placards for RVs and mobile homes are also popular and used to warn surrounding vehicles that the load may stray outside the range of typical driving lanes.

shipping labels

A placard system with a changeable panel

For commercial use, there are two main types of these shipping labels. The placard is either a single indicator with specific information of a fixed nature (i.e. oxidizing agent) or changeable, where it can depict new information as the contents change. The changeable placard is displayed as a fixed sticker but is often made with each of the four quadrants having either a slot to insert different values or with a flip device allowing each of the quadrants to be changed. There are also placard systems, which are mostly used on trucks as frames to hold these shipping labels in place. They are constructed of corrosion-resistant, fully formed rigid aluminum that provides superior durability. The panels lock into place with four double-riveted stainless steel pressure fasteners.shipping labels

Placards are also common on buildings and in some areas are required by law. For instance, in California any primary entrance to a commercial building must have a placard attached above the entrance doors reading “This door to remain unlocked during business hours”. The most prevalent placard used on buildings is the fallout shelter black and yellow trefoil. This label recognizes that the building was specifically prepared for use as an emergency shelter in the event of a nuclear explosion in the area of the particular building. Other popular placards on buildings include warning and fumigation signs. Some placard shipping labels are even equipped with a four-digit UN number to identify specific chemicals or groups of chemicals assigned by the UN and/or the US Department of Transportation.

The TOTALPACK store offers a variety of these shipping labels for your every need. From flammable to blank labels, we have you covered!

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It’s All About Safety

We are already aware of the numerous benefits gained by purchasing custom printed tape for your company: brand promotion, tailored advertisements, and a professional finish. Other types of printed tapes are manufactured to serve a different purpose – providing safety to the working environment. Two of these tapes are striped safety warning tape and reflective (retroreflective) tape. They both serve the same general purpose but have specific applications and are available in a variety of styles.

printed tape

Striped safety warning printed tape is produced from a comfortable, soft PVC vinyl material with a synthetic rubber adhesive. The tape is used for striping, warning, and marking hazardous areas or exits in order to comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. It is temperature resistant and will not corrode copper, brass, steel, or aluminum. The great advantages of this printed tape are that is it temperature resistant and highly visible. Striped safety warning tape is also available in laminated form. The lamination not only resists oil, grease, solvents and moisture, but also is scuff resistant and provides a higher durability than the standard. If your warehouse is in need of accident prevention, this printed tape is an ideal fit. It is highly important to prevent accidents before they happen to save your workers from painful injuries and your company from spending compensation money. Widely used to reduce damage and section off hazardous aisles or lanes, the striped safety tape does the job. Available in solid yellow, striped, or checkered to meet all of your needs.

printed tape

Reflective printed tape is another popular form of preventative tape and is commonly used by the United States Coast Guard. Any light that hits the material will reflect directly back at the source. It is typically applied to life rafts, personal flotation devices, boats, and docks to reflect light and radar signals so the objects are easier to spot. So what’s the secret? This printed tape is made from an aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive that is easily flexible and can stick on rigid surfaces. Similar to the striped safety warning tape, reflective tape can withstand poor weather and comes in a variety of colors. There are three ways the retroreflection is applied to the tape. The first is a fine-grained texture of orthogonal mirrors that work together to reflect light. The tape could also have transparent spheres where light entering in any direction is focused on the edge of the sphere on the opposite side. Or thirdly, a black surface with millions of tiny beads embedded in it. This tape is an excellent source of safety and is recommended by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.

Obviously, there is more to printed tape than advertisements and brand promotion. These two tapes could help save a life or prevent a horrible accident from occurring. That’s an investment I’m willing to make – are you?

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Paper-based Promotions

customized tapeWe’ve previously explored the many advantages of purchasing customized tape for your business. Customized tape advertises and promotes your logo or company while simultaneously keeping packages secure. Usually, these custom advertisements are printed on plastic tape and offered in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. However there has been a shift from plastic tape to reinforced gummed tape, and for good reason.

First, we should understand exactly what reinforced gummed tape is and how it differs from other types of tape. It has a water-activated adhesive (which is either starch or animal glue-based) that absorbs dust and bonds securely. There are two layers of paper with a cross-pattern of fiberglass filaments laminated in between for added strength. Reinforced gummed tape is perfect for sealing light weight cartons or splicing recycled materials since it adheres quickly, evenly, and permanently. A great benefit of gummed tape is its ability to conform well to irregular and curved surfaces to maximize adhesive contact and to provide fast, positive grab to the insulation surface.

Reinforced gummed tape requires moisture to activate the gum and is applied using one of two machines. Either manually, where a handle on a hand taper must be turned to feed, moisten, and cut the tape, or automatically through an electric taper. Both manual and electronic options can accommodate a wide range of widths, strengths, styles, and roll lengths.

customized tape

Internet sales are driving increased shipping from companies across all industries, and most online orders are shipped in cartons. This means there is a huge demand and use for customized tape. So why choose reinforced gummed tape over plastic tape?

– Theft: Items are sometimes stolen in transit, and since plastic tape does not offer an extremely secure seal, this would not be an ideal choice. Reinforced gummed tape must be cut by a box cutter or knife in order to open the parcel, leaving signs it had been tampered with.

– Safety: Applying plastic tape can be a tedious task. It requires a repetitive motion performed by the worker and can lead to on-the-job wrist injuries that in turn cause the company money.

– Image: As a reputable company, you want your shipments to look professional and neatly packaged. By using reinforced gummed tape, you only need to apply one layer so it will not produce the same messy look you might get with layers of mismatched plastic tape.

– Recycling: Gummed tape is made from paper, which is an extremely easy material to recycle. However, plastic tape comes from petroleum and requires much more energy to break down and reuse.

In recent years, businesses have realized the impact of switching from plastic to gummed customized tape. Some of these companies include: IKEA, BMW, Amazon, Macy’s, LL Bean, Crate & Barrel, Land’s End, Frito Lay, and Green Mountain Coffee. Instead of purchasing plastic customized tape to use as a shipping tool and also to promote your brand, you can do the same plus more with reinforced gummed tape. You get more for your money with added security and strength. Not to mention it facilitates in building an eco-friendly image for your business, thus forming a great reputation. There is nothing but added benefits with this tape, so explore your options here.

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Who Uses Custom Labels?

If you thought custom printed labels were just for shipping packages, boy are you mistaken! Companies use custom printed labels to promote their brand and products in pretty much every industry. They are all suited to serve the same purpose: to catch the consumer’s attention, to encourage him/her to pick up the product, and hopefully to gain a new, loyal customer. However, labels across industries slightly differ to meet that particular area’s needs.

First we have roll-to-sheet and VIP labeling. These custom printed labels come in monochrome and color options. These are usually the labels individuals would use in a small or home office for basic organization. They are ideal for nametags, file labels, and folder tabs. Generally, these labels are not extremely durable but certain kinds are manufactured for industrial use and are heavy-duty for outdoor applications.

Then we have custom printed labels for beverages. The main goal with these labels is to create an eye-catching design that is printable, convertible, and durable. They are designed to retain a high quality appearance and flawless performance in a range of temperatures. You have the option of an ultra-transparent, or “no-label” look, where clear PP (polypropylene) films are used to offer the feeling of purity. For instance, many vodka and water bottles use these clear labels to attract customers to the cleanliness of the liquid. There is also a technique called over lamination. Typically used with beer bottles, these labels create good scratch resistance in all stages of production. Another custom printed label can be made of matte or metallic films to give a frosty appearance or textured look to maintain sophistication.

Next there are health and beauty custom printed labels. These labels have high technical and aesthetic requirements. They must be conformable, squeezable, and resistant to water, oils, and chemicals. Additionally, a health or beauty label should be assistive in visual differentiation and supportive of a strong brand image. A unique label this industry is known for is the “open-closure” label. This is common on products like wet wipes where it is beneficial to have a resealable label.

custom printed labelsIndustrial chemicals also have their fair share of custom printed labels. These labels have increased durability, water and chemical resistance. They are used on bulk chemicals, oils, paints, agriculture products, and much more. Besides providing brand advertisements, the labels on industrial chemicals also serve as a safety measure. Caution or hazardous labels warn handlers and identify any possible dangerous components.

Last but definitely not least, we have custom printed labels for the wine industry. Wine companies prefer coated and textured paper materials to add quality and intricacy to their products. It is important that these labels are wet strength treated and alkali-resistant treated. Once wet strength treated, the paper fibers can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity and prevent the formation of wrinkles or bubbles. If a label is alkali-resistant treated, when it is returned and cycled through a washing process, the labels stay in tact and do not damage the machines. (A label is considered “WSA” if treated for both.) Today, the wine industry is shifting toward more elaborate and high quality labels with up to ten different colors printed on textured or metalized papers.

As you can see custom printed labels are not just for mundane uses and marketing. Utilized in a variety of industries, these tools are used to promote products, warn handlers, and attract consumers. That’s a lot of responsibility for a little piece of paper!

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Wireless Warehousing

Warehouses are consistently striving to increase accuracy and efficiency in their everydayshipping labels operations. Due to this demand for maximizing effectiveness, warehouses have become more and more automated in recent years. Handheld printing devices allow warehouses to print all types of shipping labels, tickets, and receipts. Companies who have implemented this method are referred to as “wireless warehouses”.

How Does it Work?

Handheld computers or scanners create fast communication channels with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They are used to scan and log goods at receiving docks. From here, the shipping label printing data is sent to centrally located fixed-position label printers connected directly to the ERP system. Workers are able to carry the printers on belt clips, forklifts, pallet jacks, or wherever else is the most convenient.

Warehouses have increasingly adopted wireless printing for obvious reasons. They eliminate the distance that workers travel to pick up shipping labels, eliminate costs associated with human errors, along with a list of undeniable benefits:

shipping labels-Streamline operations associated with labeling in inconvenient locations

-Boost worker productivity

-May provide a full return on investment in less than a year

-Better use of manpower

-Reduce human error

-Light-weight yet durable (the printers are made with the warehouse atmosphere in mind-they are able to deal with bumps, drops, and rough handling)

-Easily adaptable to any warehousing processes

shipping labelsTransitioning to a wireless warehouse seems like a no-brainer. Mobile printers vary in size and most are able to print barcodes, documents, and shipping labels up to 4 inches wide. More specifically, they can print received-goods labels, put-away labels, work-in-progress labels, return merchandise authorization labels, shipping labels, and inventory tickets. Applying these handheld printers and scanners can definitely increase your company’s efficiency and accuracy with orders. They have the power to reduce common human error and are extremely easy to execute and use. You can utilize your resources more effectively while saving time and money by turning your warehouse into a wireless haven.

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Tamper Evident Tape

printed tapeEver since Richard Drew’s invention of adhesive tape in the 1920s, it has been the most common and widely used product to seal packages for shipment across all industries. Applying tape to any surface is uncomplicated and unfortunately can be removed with almost the same amount of effort (or lack thereof). This isn’t a problem for customers opening the products they had previously ordered but if your package gets into the wrong hands, a security issue could arise. Whether you are shipping expensive electronics with your brand’s logo on the box or important documents marked confidential, there is a small chance someone will see that package and get the urge to view the contents for themselves. This potential problem can be solved by the use of printed security tape.

Also referred to as tamper evident tape, this printed tape offers you security and confidence when shipping your packages, letters, pallets and other containers. The adhesive is no harder to apply than standard packaging tape and provides an anti-tamper seal. If someone messes with the container at all, the printed tape self-destructs and leaves words such as “opened” or “void.” If the individual then decides to reapply the tape, the seal will remain damaged and you will be able to tell your package has been meddled with. Using printed security tape can discourage individuals from opening packages that are not addressed to them.

printed tapeAt TOTALPACK we offer some stock versions of tamper evident tape. You can also buy customized versions of the printed tape with your company name and logo to use as an advertising opportunity. The tape rolls are sometimes produced in perforated segments so you can easily tear off printed tapepieces as needed. In addition, each segment of printed tape contains its own consecutive barcode number. This detail makes it difficult for someone to try and replace the tape with another piece (the numbers will not match up with the previous segment).

If you ship luxury goods, confidential information, or just do not want others snooping in your belongings, consider purchasing tamper evident printed tape – it’s like a mini bodyguard for your shipments!


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Inside the Flexographic Printing and Slitting Machine

The way a company advertises its products and services can either launch or destroy their brand. Where, how, and when to advertise are vital details and always require a good amount of time and effort to achieve. Should you stick with print ads in magazines and newspapers? What about sending flyers to target consumers? Or perhaps you would rather showcase your features on a billboard for the entire world to see? Even though these methods are valuable and definitely make a difference to your company, they tend to be costly.

TOTALPACK has a perfect solution for your promotional needs: customized tape. This clever trick takes the use of packaging tape to another level by offering you the option of promoting your logo or monthly specials on the tape itself. If you are already shipping merchandise to customers on a regular basis, why not kill two birds with one stone and advertise your business with our customized tapes? The possibilities are immeasurable and since we own a printing machine, TOTALPACK has complete control over the entire printing process.

To produce these innovative customized tapes, we use an instrument called a flexographic printing and slitting machine. This machine allows us to do everything from stamping and applying designs to drying the ink for quick reel assembly. Our supplier produces this instrument along with more than 11,000 other machines each year. Their machines allow companies to apply stretch film, shrink wrap products, and of course produce customized tapes.

How It’s Made

1) You submit your request for the customized tape in high quality format. This includes the colors, text, and design you would like to implement.

2) The request is then transferred into a format compatible with our machine.

3) We then send you a worksheet along with a draft of the final product for you to approve or make changes. Included in these details are the dimensions, the color of tape (available in white, tan, or clear), and the ink tone. TOTALPACK can match any color you desire within the pantone color spectrum and we can mix colors we do not carry.

4) After your approval, we make a plate (or negative) and a 3D stamp to apply the ink to the tape with the correct design.

5) The stamp is wrapped around a spool on the machine and rotates to apply the ink onto the tape.

6) The tape is then dried by a blower inside the machine so it can be rolled right away and prepared for shipping.

If you are thinking of new ways to advertise your business, customized tape is an effortless option and is viewed by many potential and existing customers. Stay tuned for an exclusive video featuring our printing supervisor Gilberto showcasing our machine and customized tape making procedures.

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Custom Printed Labels & Bar Code Options

The custom printed labels that appear on every consignment are there for the most obvious of reasons – to ensure your packages get to the right place at the right time. Printed labels are still required for packaging, but with the emergence of more refined technology systems, computerized labels are another great option. Bar coding is one example of this new technology. Bar coding has made it possible for custom printed labels to be logged in at a delivery warehouse and then tracked by the client and supplier. At TOTALPACK, we offer you the option of creating custom printed labels with bar codes so you can keep an eye on your packages at all times. These bar codes can either be the same for a set of shipments or a consecutive set, giving each parcel its own identification number. This method has been growing in popularity over recent years and is an excellent way to ship containers without added anxiety.

The packaging company provides the custom printed labels, while the courier companies will also have their own versions. These bespoke shipping labels are unique to the courier company and come with a bar code already on the plastic envelope.

A Few Types of Custom Printed Labels Available:

custom printed labelsLive Animal Labels: These Live Animal Labels provide a quick reference for shipping personnel. Air labels comply with the requirements in International Air Transport, ICAO and DOT for marking the package orientation. Paper shipping labels have strong adhesion to corrugated boxes and they help to keep you in regulatory compliance.

custom printed labelsHazardous Materials Labels: Eliminate unnecessary accidents by alerting people to the dangers present from hazardous residue remaining in empty drums. These Empty Labels serve as notice that empty containers that previously contained hazardous materials can produce hazardous conditions when punctured or welded. These waste labels feature automotive-grade ink pigments and specially formulated adhesives.

custom printed labelsPerishable Labels: This eye-catching label gives package handlers immediate notice that your food products must be kept frozen or refrigerated at a constant temperature for the duration of the shipment. IATA requires a high-visibility label for all air shipments of perishable goods. Perishable Labels are printed on heavyweight-coated paper. These labels have outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance and adhere securely to corrugated boxes.

custom printed labelsHandling Labels: These Fragile This End Up Labels are designed to help identify delicate objects. Featuring strong adhesion to corrugated boxes, paper handling labels have outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance. Fragile Labels are designed to help identify fragile objects and alert handlers that extra care is required. All of the above tags are available to become custom printed labels for your business.


TOTALPACK offers limitless deigns and can equip your custom printed labels with a bar code if you so choose. For all options, please call 1-866-760-7866 and speak with a trusty sales representative today.

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