Inside the Flexographic Printing and Slitting Machine

The way a company advertises its products and services can either launch or destroy their brand. Where, how, and when to advertise are vital details and always require a good amount of time and effort to achieve. Should you stick with print ads in magazines and newspapers? What about sending flyers to target consumers? Or perhaps you would rather showcase your features on a billboard for the entire world to see? Even though these methods are valuable and definitely make a difference to your company, they tend to be costly.

TOTALPACK has a perfect solution for your promotional needs: customized tape. This clever trick takes the use of packaging tape to another level by offering you the option of promoting your logo or monthly specials on the tape itself. If you are already shipping merchandise to customers on a regular basis, why not kill two birds with one stone and advertise your business with our customized tapes? The possibilities are immeasurable and since we own a printing machine, TOTALPACK has complete control over the entire printing process.

To produce these innovative customized tapes, we use an instrument called a flexographic printing and slitting machine. This machine allows us to do everything from stamping and applying designs to drying the ink for quick reel assembly. Our supplier produces this instrument along with more than 11,000 other machines each year. Their machines allow companies to apply stretch film, shrink wrap products, and of course produce customized tapes.

How It’s Made

1) You submit your request for the customized tape in high quality format. This includes the colors, text, and design you would like to implement.

2) The request is then transferred into a format compatible with our machine.

3) We then send you a worksheet along with a draft of the final product for you to approve or make changes. Included in these details are the dimensions, the color of tape (available in white, tan, or clear), and the ink tone. TOTALPACK can match any color you desire within the pantone color spectrum and we can mix colors we do not carry.

4) After your approval, we make a plate (or negative) and a 3D stamp to apply the ink to the tape with the correct design.

5) The stamp is wrapped around a spool on the machine and rotates to apply the ink onto the tape.

6) The tape is then dried by a blower inside the machine so it can be rolled right away and prepared for shipping.

If you are thinking of new ways to advertise your business, customized tape is an effortless option and is viewed by many potential and existing customers. Stay tuned for an exclusive video featuring our printing supervisor Gilberto showcasing our machine and customized tape making procedures.

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