Tamper Evident Tape

printed tapeEver since Richard Drew’s invention of adhesive tape in the 1920s, it has been the most common and widely used product to seal packages for shipment across all industries. Applying tape to any surface is uncomplicated and unfortunately can be removed with almost the same amount of effort (or lack thereof). This isn’t a problem for customers opening the products they had previously ordered but if your package gets into the wrong hands, a security issue could arise. Whether you are shipping expensive electronics with your brand’s logo on the box or important documents marked confidential, there is a small chance someone will see that package and get the urge to view the contents for themselves. This potential problem can be solved by the use of printed security tape.

Also referred to as tamper evident tape, this printed tape offers you security and confidence when shipping your packages, letters, pallets and other containers. The adhesive is no harder to apply than standard packaging tape and provides an anti-tamper seal. If someone messes with the container at all, the printed tape self-destructs and leaves words such as “opened” or “void.” If the individual then decides to reapply the tape, the seal will remain damaged and you will be able to tell your package has been meddled with. Using printed security tape can discourage individuals from opening packages that are not addressed to them.

printed tapeAt TOTALPACK we offer some stock versions of tamper evident tape. You can also buy customized versions of the printed tape with your company name and logo to use as an advertising opportunity. The tape rolls are sometimes produced in perforated segments so you can easily tear off printed tapepieces as needed. In addition, each segment of printed tape contains its own consecutive barcode number. This detail makes it difficult for someone to try and replace the tape with another piece (the numbers will not match up with the previous segment).

If you ship luxury goods, confidential information, or just do not want others snooping in your belongings, consider purchasing tamper evident printed tape – it’s like a mini bodyguard for your shipments!


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