Wireless Warehousing

Warehouses are consistently striving to increase accuracy and efficiency in their everydayshipping labels operations. Due to this demand for maximizing effectiveness, warehouses have become more and more automated in recent years. Handheld printing devices allow warehouses to print all types of shipping labels, tickets, and receipts. Companies who have implemented this method are referred to as “wireless warehouses”.

How Does it Work?

Handheld computers or scanners create fast communication channels with a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. They are used to scan and log goods at receiving docks. From here, the shipping label printing data is sent to centrally located fixed-position label printers connected directly to the ERP system. Workers are able to carry the printers on belt clips, forklifts, pallet jacks, or wherever else is the most convenient.

Warehouses have increasingly adopted wireless printing for obvious reasons. They eliminate the distance that workers travel to pick up shipping labels, eliminate costs associated with human errors, along with a list of undeniable benefits:

shipping labels-Streamline operations associated with labeling in inconvenient locations

-Boost worker productivity

-May provide a full return on investment in less than a year

-Better use of manpower

-Reduce human error

-Light-weight yet durable (the printers are made with the warehouse atmosphere in mind-they are able to deal with bumps, drops, and rough handling)

-Easily adaptable to any warehousing processes

shipping labelsTransitioning to a wireless warehouse seems like a no-brainer. Mobile printers vary in size and most are able to print barcodes, documents, and shipping labels up to 4 inches wide. More specifically, they can print received-goods labels, put-away labels, work-in-progress labels, return merchandise authorization labels, shipping labels, and inventory tickets. Applying these handheld printers and scanners can definitely increase your company’s efficiency and accuracy with orders. They have the power to reduce common human error and are extremely easy to execute and use. You can utilize your resources more effectively while saving time and money by turning your warehouse into a wireless haven.

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