Custom Printed Tape

Need help distinguishing your freight forwarding business from the rest of the pack? Whether you specialize in shipping toilet paper and cotton balls or women’s clothing and children’s toys, dozens of workers and potential customers handle and view your packages in transit. The emergence and growth of globalization has created a new level of demanding competition; how have you prepared your company to stand out from the ordinary? New advertising and marketing strategies are born everyday, including our genius custom printed tape. It is time to turn that average traveling package into an exclusive, personalized advertisement for your business!

custom printed tape

Custom printed tapes from TOTALPACK, Inc. make your packages distinguishable, unique, and most importantly provide you with free advertising across the globe. Our labels are printed on 10 feet of durable tape ready to secure your shipment. Our custom printed tape will showcase your logo, your website, or a promotional statement about your company, providing an effortless and more valuable way to market your seasonal specials or one-time deals. Available in up to three different colors, our custom printed tape offers promotion and protection for your packages.

By using custom printed tapes, you will be able to maximize your efficiency in all aspects. They will definitely catch the eye of prospective customers, boosting your future sales and providing a more cost effective way to advertise. Why not optimize all of your marketing opportunities?

How to Submit Your Message

Artwork should be submitted to or faxed to (305) 477-9588 (Attn: Printed Tapes and Labels Division). For more information on how to purchase professional custom printed tape and what message formats are acceptable, please visit the or call 1-866-760-7866.

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