Who Uses Custom Labels?

If you thought custom printed labels were just for shipping packages, boy are you mistaken! Companies use custom printed labels to promote their brand and products in pretty much every industry. They are all suited to serve the same purpose: to catch the consumer’s attention, to encourage him/her to pick up the product, and hopefully to gain a new, loyal customer. However, labels across industries slightly differ to meet that particular area’s needs.

First we have roll-to-sheet and VIP labeling. These custom printed labels come in monochrome and color options. These are usually the labels individuals would use in a small or home office for basic organization. They are ideal for nametags, file labels, and folder tabs. Generally, these labels are not extremely durable but certain kinds are manufactured for industrial use and are heavy-duty for outdoor applications.

Then we have custom printed labels for beverages. The main goal with these labels is to create an eye-catching design that is printable, convertible, and durable. They are designed to retain a high quality appearance and flawless performance in a range of temperatures. You have the option of an ultra-transparent, or “no-label” look, where clear PP (polypropylene) films are used to offer the feeling of purity. For instance, many vodka and water bottles use these clear labels to attract customers to the cleanliness of the liquid. There is also a technique called over lamination. Typically used with beer bottles, these labels create good scratch resistance in all stages of production. Another custom printed label can be made of matte or metallic films to give a frosty appearance or textured look to maintain sophistication.

Next there are health and beauty custom printed labels. These labels have high technical and aesthetic requirements. They must be conformable, squeezable, and resistant to water, oils, and chemicals. Additionally, a health or beauty label should be assistive in visual differentiation and supportive of a strong brand image. A unique label this industry is known for is the “open-closure” label. This is common on products like wet wipes where it is beneficial to have a resealable label.

custom printed labelsIndustrial chemicals also have their fair share of custom printed labels. These labels have increased durability, water and chemical resistance. They are used on bulk chemicals, oils, paints, agriculture products, and much more. Besides providing brand advertisements, the labels on industrial chemicals also serve as a safety measure. Caution or hazardous labels warn handlers and identify any possible dangerous components.

Last but definitely not least, we have custom printed labels for the wine industry. Wine companies prefer coated and textured paper materials to add quality and intricacy to their products. It is important that these labels are wet strength treated and alkali-resistant treated. Once wet strength treated, the paper fibers can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity and prevent the formation of wrinkles or bubbles. If a label is alkali-resistant treated, when it is returned and cycled through a washing process, the labels stay in tact and do not damage the machines. (A label is considered “WSA” if treated for both.) Today, the wine industry is shifting toward more elaborate and high quality labels with up to ten different colors printed on textured or metalized papers.

As you can see custom printed labels are not just for mundane uses and marketing. Utilized in a variety of industries, these tools are used to promote products, warn handlers, and attract consumers. That’s a lot of responsibility for a little piece of paper!

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