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customized tapeWe’ve previously explored the many advantages of purchasing customized tape for your business. Customized tape advertises and promotes your logo or company while simultaneously keeping packages secure. Usually, these custom advertisements are printed on plastic tape and offered in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. However there has been a shift from plastic tape to reinforced gummed tape, and for good reason.

First, we should understand exactly what reinforced gummed tape is and how it differs from other types of tape. It has a water-activated adhesive (which is either starch or animal glue-based) that absorbs dust and bonds securely. There are two layers of paper with a cross-pattern of fiberglass filaments laminated in between for added strength. Reinforced gummed tape is perfect for sealing light weight cartons or splicing recycled materials since it adheres quickly, evenly, and permanently. A great benefit of gummed tape is its ability to conform well to irregular and curved surfaces to maximize adhesive contact and to provide fast, positive grab to the insulation surface.

Reinforced gummed tape requires moisture to activate the gum and is applied using one of two machines. Either manually, where a handle on a hand taper must be turned to feed, moisten, and cut the tape, or automatically through an electric taper. Both manual and electronic options can accommodate a wide range of widths, strengths, styles, and roll lengths.

customized tape

Internet sales are driving increased shipping from companies across all industries, and most online orders are shipped in cartons. This means there is a huge demand and use for customized tape. So why choose reinforced gummed tape over plastic tape?

– Theft: Items are sometimes stolen in transit, and since plastic tape does not offer an extremely secure seal, this would not be an ideal choice. Reinforced gummed tape must be cut by a box cutter or knife in order to open the parcel, leaving signs it had been tampered with.

– Safety: Applying plastic tape can be a tedious task. It requires a repetitive motion performed by the worker and can lead to on-the-job wrist injuries that in turn cause the company money.

– Image: As a reputable company, you want your shipments to look professional and neatly packaged. By using reinforced gummed tape, you only need to apply one layer so it will not produce the same messy look you might get with layers of mismatched plastic tape.

– Recycling: Gummed tape is made from paper, which is an extremely easy material to recycle. However, plastic tape comes from petroleum and requires much more energy to break down and reuse.

In recent years, businesses have realized the impact of switching from plastic to gummed customized tape. Some of these companies include: IKEA, BMW, Amazon, Macy’s, LL Bean, Crate & Barrel, Land’s End, Frito Lay, and Green Mountain Coffee. Instead of purchasing plastic customized tape to use as a shipping tool and also to promote your brand, you can do the same plus more with reinforced gummed tape. You get more for your money with added security and strength. Not to mention it facilitates in building an eco-friendly image for your business, thus forming a great reputation. There is nothing but added benefits with this tape, so explore your options here.

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