Custom Tape for All Your Needs

custom printed tape

Custom gummed tape

As we all know, adding custom printed tape to your inventory is an excellent investment. It is an economic and convenient way to neatly seal a box and instantly identify your company and products. Not only does custom printed tape advertise your company and enhance your product; it is also pilfer-proof and serves as the first line of defense against tampering. Due to the text/logo that is printed on the tape it cannot be broken or released without detection.

Types of custom printed tape

Carton sealing tape: for use with sealing packages, PVC or polypropylene tape is used. These tapes are made with natural rubber-based adhesives that grip instantly to the desired surface even in cold or humid conditions.

Kraft tape: individuals also use custom printed reinforced gummed tape. This tape can either be economy or industrial grade and is extra sturdy and durable.

Barricade tape: for use with blocking sections or warning individuals to stay out of an area, this weather resistant poly tape is preferred. Barricade tape is extremely easy to tie, cut, and apply.

custom printed tape

Custom barricade tape

Do you remember how to submit your order?

1) Submit your request for custom printed tape in high quality format. This includes the colors, text, and design you would like to implement.

2) The request is transferred into a format compatible with our machine.

3) We then send you a worksheet along with a draft of the final product for you to approve or make changes. Included in these details are the dimensions, the color of tape (available in white, tan, or clear), and the ink tone. TOTALPACK can match any color you desire within the pantone color spectrum and we can mix colors we do not carry.

4) After your approval, we make a plate (or negative) and a 3D stamp to apply the ink to the tape with the correct design.

5) The stamp is wrapped around a spool on the machine and rotates to apply the ink onto the tape.

6) The tape is then dried by a blower inside the machine so it can be rolled right away and prepared for shipping.

If you are thinking of new ways to advertise your business, custom printed tape is an effortless option that is viewed by many potential and existing customers. And remember, it can also be used as a security measure to ensure no one tries to steal valuable products or add contraband to your packages.

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