It’s All About Safety

We are already aware of the numerous benefits gained by purchasing custom printed tape for your company: brand promotion, tailored advertisements, and a professional finish. Other types of printed tapes are manufactured to serve a different purpose – providing safety to the working environment. Two of these tapes are striped safety warning tape and reflective (retroreflective) tape. They both serve the same general purpose but have specific applications and are available in a variety of styles.

printed tape

Striped safety warning printed tape is produced from a comfortable, soft PVC vinyl material with a synthetic rubber adhesive. The tape is used for striping, warning, and marking hazardous areas or exits in order to comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. It is temperature resistant and will not corrode copper, brass, steel, or aluminum. The great advantages of this printed tape are that is it temperature resistant and highly visible. Striped safety warning tape is also available in laminated form. The lamination not only resists oil, grease, solvents and moisture, but also is scuff resistant and provides a higher durability than the standard. If your warehouse is in need of accident prevention, this printed tape is an ideal fit. It is highly important to prevent accidents before they happen to save your workers from painful injuries and your company from spending compensation money. Widely used to reduce damage and section off hazardous aisles or lanes, the striped safety tape does the job. Available in solid yellow, striped, or checkered to meet all of your needs.

printed tape

Reflective printed tape is another popular form of preventative tape and is commonly used by the United States Coast Guard. Any light that hits the material will reflect directly back at the source. It is typically applied to life rafts, personal flotation devices, boats, and docks to reflect light and radar signals so the objects are easier to spot. So what’s the secret? This printed tape is made from an aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive that is easily flexible and can stick on rigid surfaces. Similar to the striped safety warning tape, reflective tape can withstand poor weather and comes in a variety of colors. There are three ways the retroreflection is applied to the tape. The first is a fine-grained texture of orthogonal mirrors that work together to reflect light. The tape could also have transparent spheres where light entering in any direction is focused on the edge of the sphere on the opposite side. Or thirdly, a black surface with millions of tiny beads embedded in it. This tape is an excellent source of safety and is recommended by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.

Obviously, there is more to printed tape than advertisements and brand promotion. These two tapes could help save a life or prevent a horrible accident from occurring. That’s an investment I’m willing to make – are you?

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